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Are you looking for information on the 31 districts of Karnataka? Then, this article is perfect for you. The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about Karnataka is Bangalore or Bengaluru. But apart from it, there are many other beautiful places in this state that one should not miss out on. This article will provide information on 31 districts of Karnataka with their headquarters and a brief description of each district. So read ahead if you want to know more!

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31 Karnataka District Names with Headquarters

NoDistrict HeadquartersArea
1. Bagalkot Bagalkot6,575 km2
2.Bangalore UrbanBangalore2,190 km2
3.Bangalore Rural Bangalore 2,259 km2
4.BelagaviBelagavi13,415 km2
5.BellaryBellary4,252 km2
6.BidarBidar5,448 km2
7.VijayapuraVijayapura10,498 km2
8.ChamarajanagarChamarajanagar5,101 km2
9.ChikballapurChikballapur4,524 km2
10.ChikmagalurChikmagalur7,201 km2
11.ChitradurgaChitradurga8,440 km2
12.Dakshina KannadaMangalore4,560 km2
13.DavanagereDavanagere4,460 km2
14.DharwadDharwad4,260 km2
15.GadagGadag4,656 km2
16.GulbargaGulbarga10,951 km2
17.HassanHassan6,814 km2
18.HaveriHaveri4,823 km2
19.KodaguMadikeri4,102 km2
20.KolarKolar3,969 km2
21.KoppalKoppal7,189 km2
22.MandyaMandya4,961 km2
23.MysoreMysore6,854 km2
24.RaichurRaichur8,440 km2
25.RamanagaraRamanagara3,556 km2
26.ShimogaShimoga8,477 km2
27.TumkurTumkur10,597 km2
28.UdupiUdupi3,880 km2
29.Uttara KannadaKarwar10,291 km2
30.VijayanagaraHospet5,644 km2
31.YadgirYadgir5,234 km2

List of 31 Karnataka District Names

  1. Bagalkot
  2. Bangalore Urban
  3. Bangalore Rural
  4. Belagavi
  5. Bellary
  6. Bidar
  7. Vijayapura
  8. Chamarajanagar
  9. Chikballapur
  10. Chikmagalur
  11. Chitradurga
  12. Dakshina Kannada
  13. Davanagere
  14. Dharwad
  15. Gadag
  16. Gulbarga
  17. Hassan
  18. Haveri
  19. Kodagu
  20. Kolar
  21. Koppal
  22. Mandya
  23. Mysore
  24. Raichur
  25. Ramanagara
  26. Shimoga
  27. Tumkur
  28. Udupi
  29. Uttara Kannada
  30. Vijayanagara
  31. Yadgir

Currently, there are 31 districts in Karnataka


Here is our list of Karnataka Districts Names.

Karnataka holds a special place in the hearts of many. It is because it has something for everyone- from its rich history to its culture and heritage, to the modern metropolis that it’s become today. The diverse landscape and changing environment make this state an exciting destination with plenty to see and do! We hope you enjoyed our list of 31 names with headquarters in Karnataka Districts as well as some information on what makes this beautiful state so incredible. If we missed your favourite city or district please share them below!

Karnataka Districts Names in Kannada


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