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Here we have 1 to 100 Numbers in Chinese | Pinyin.

0零 / 〇ZeroLíng
11十一ElevenShí yī
12十二TwelveShí èr
13十三ThirteenShí sān
14十四FourteenShí sì
15十五FifteenShí wǔ
16十六SixteenShí liù
17十七SeventeenShí qī
18十八EighteenShí bā
19十九NineteenShí jiǔ
20二十TwentyÈr shí
21二十一Twenty OneÈr shí yī
22二十二Twenty TwoÈr shí èr
23二十三Twenty ThreeÈr shí sān
24二十四Twenty FourÈr shí sì
25二十五Twenty FiveÈr shí wǔ
26二十六Twenty SixÈr shí liù
27二十七Twenty SevenÈr shí qī
28二十八Twenty EightÈr shí bā
29二十九Twenty NineÈr shí jiǔ
30三十ThirtySān shí
31三十一Thirty OneSān shí yī
32三十二Thirty TwoSān shí èr
33三十三Thirty ThreeSān shí sān
34三十四Thirty FourSān shí sì
35三十五Thirty FiveSān shí wǔ
36三十六Thirty SixSān shí liù
37三十七Thirty SevenSān shí qī
38三十八Thirty EightSān shí bā
39三十九Thirty NineSān shí jiǔ
40四十FortySì shí
41四十一Forty OneSì shí yī
42四十二Forty TwoSì shí èr
43四十三Forty ThreeSì shí sān
44四十四Forty FourSì shí sì
45四十五Forty FiveSì shí wǔ
46四十六Forty SixSì shí liù
47四十七Forty SevenSì shí qī
48四十八Forty EightSì shí bā
49四十九Forty NineSì shí jiǔ
50五十FiftyWǔ shí
51五十一Fifty OneWǔ shí yī
52五十二Fifty twoWǔ shí èr
53五十三Fifty threeWǔ shí sān
54五十四Fifty fourWǔ shí sì
55五十五Fifty fiveWǔ shí wu
56五十六Fifty sixWǔ shí liù
57五十七Fifty sevenWǔ shí qī
58五十八Fifty eightWǔ shí bā
59五十九Fifty nineWǔ shí jiǔ
60六十SixtyLiù shí
61六十一Sixty oneLiù shí yī
62六十二Sixty twoLiù shí èr
63六十三Sixty threeLiù shí sān
64六十四Sixty fourLiù shí sì
65六十五Sixty fiveLiù shí wǔ
66六十六Sixty sixLiù shí liù
67六十七Sixty sevenLiù shí qī
68六十八Sixty eightLiù shí bā
69六十九Sixty nineLiù shí jiǔ
70七十SeventyQī shí
71七十一Seventy OneQī shí yī
72七十二Seventy twoQī shí èr
73七十三Seventy threeQī shí sān
74七十四Seventy fourQī shí sì
75七十五Seventy fiveQī shí wǔ
76七十六Seventy sixQī shí liù
77七十七Seventy sevenQī shí qī
78七十八Seventy eightQī shí bā
79七十九Seventy nineQī shí jiǔ
80八十EightyBā shí
81八十一Eighty oneBā shí yī
82八十二Eighty twoBā shí èr
83八十三Eighty threeBā shí sān
84八十四Eighty fourBā shí sì
85八十五Eighty fiveBā shí wǔ
86八十六Eighty sixBā shí liù
87八十七Eighty sevenBā shí qī
88八十八Eighty eightBā shí bā
89八十九Eighty nineBā shí jiǔ
90九十NinetyJiǔ shí
91九十一NinetyJiǔ shí yī
92九十二NinetyJiǔ shí èr
93九十三NinetyJiǔ shí sān
94九十四NinetyJiǔ shí sì
95九十五NinetyJiǔ shí wǔ
96九十六NinetyJiǔ shí liù
97九十七NinetyJiǔ shí qī
98九十八NinetyJiǔ shí bā
99九十九NinetyJiǔ shí jiǔ
100一百HundredYì  bǎi

I hope you liked 1 to 100 Numbers in Chinese.

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