51+ Birds Name in Hindi | पक्षियों के नाम



Birds Name in Hindi पक्षियों के नाम


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We have created a list of 51+ Birds Name in Hindi with images to help our readers to learn more about different types of beautiful and colourful bird species.

You will get all the information about every bird in this article including their English name, Hindi Name and Images for better understanding.

A bird is a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate. They are covered in feathers and have beaks with no teeth, wings for flight, hollow bones to keep them light enough to fly, and they lay eggs. There are around 10 thousand different species of birds throughout the world. All types of birds play an important role in the ecosystem by eating bugs that destroy plants or spread disease to humans or other animals. Some people consider many types of birds as pests because their droppings can contain harmful bacteria that contaminate food sources like cornfields for example which harms farmers economically if not treated properly before harvesting season begins. Here is a list of 51+ Birds Name with images!

51+ Birds Name in Hindi with images | पक्षियों के नाम

NoImagesEnglishHindiScientific names
1.image-type-cellParrotतोता Phaethontidae Psittaciformes
2.image-type-cellCock मुर्गा Gallus gallus domesticus
3.image-type-cellPeacock मोर Pava Cristatus
4.image-type-cellOwl उल्लू Nocturnalis Strigiformes
5.image-type-cellPigeon कबूतर Columba livia
6.image-type-cellHen मुर्गी Gallus gallus domesticus
7.image-type-cellCrow कावा Corvous Corone
8.image-type-cellSwan हंस Cygnus Coscoroba
9.image-type-cellDuck बतख Anatidae Anseriformes
10.image-type-cellCuckoo कोयल Cuculidae Cuculiformes
11.image-type-cellCrane सरस Gruidae Gruiformes
12.image-type-cellDove फाख्ता Columbidae Colombiformes
13.image-type-cellEagle चील Aquila Accipitridae
14.image-type-cellNightingale बुलबुल Luscinia megarhynchos
15.image-type-cellFlamingo राजहंस Phoenicopterus roseus
16.image-type-cellQuail बटेर Coturnix coturnix
17.image-type-cellPartridge तितर Perdix perdix
18.image-type-cellOstrich सुतुरमुर्ग Struthio camelus
19.image-type-cellMynah मैना Acridotheres tristis
20.image-type-cellKite चील Milvus migrans
21.image-type-cellKingfisher राम चिरैया Alcedinidae
22.image-type-cellHoopoe हुदहुद Upupidae
23.image-type-cellHawk बाज Buteo
25.image-type-cellWoodpecker कंठफोड़वा Picidae
26.image-type-cellWagtail खंजन Motacilla
27.image-type-cellVulture गिद्ध Gyps indicus
28.image-type-cellSparrow गोरेया Passeridae
29.image-type-cellSkylark आबबिल, चकता Alauda arvensis
30.image-type-cellPheasantतीतरPhasianus colchicus
31.image-type-cellPewitटीटहरीVanellus vanellus
33.image-type-cellRavenकाला कौआCorvus corax
34.image-type-cellRookकौआCorvus frugilegus

35.image-type-cellGreat EgretबगुलाArdea alba
36.image-type-cellPeahenमोरनीPavo cristatus
37.image-type-cellGrey PartridgeतीतरPerdix perdix
38.image-type-cellLarkभारव्दाज़ पक्षीAlaudidae
39.image-type-cellBlue jayनीलकंठCyanocitta cristata
40.image-type-cellHeronअंधा बगुलाArdeidae
41.image-type-cellGooseहंस/ कलहंसBranta canadensis 
43.image-type-cellIndian Bush LarkअगीयाMirafra erythroptera
44.image-type-cellPainted Storkकठसारंग/ जंघिल/ कंकरीMycteria leucocephala
45.image-type-cellIndian Robinकाली चिड़ीSaxicoloides fulicatus
46.image-type-cellBlack Drongoकोतवाल, भुजंगDicrurus macrocercus
47.image-type-cellAsian KoelकोयलEudynamys scolopaceus
48.image-type-cellChukar PartridgeचकोरAlectoris chukar
49.image-type-cellCrested Buntingचिरटा, पत्थर चिड़ियाMelophus lathami
51.image-type-cellEurasian Hobbyकश्मिरी मोरास्सानी,Falco subbuteo
52.image-type-cellBlack-Headed IBISकचाटोर, सफेद बाझ,Threskiornis melanocephalus

If you’re a bird lover and want to know the names of different types of birds in Hindi, then this blog post is for you! We have compiled all 51+ popular Birds Name in Hindi with their beautiful images. Do share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter if they are also interested in knowing more about these amazing feathered creatures from around the world.

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