51+ Birds Name in Marathi | पक्ष्यांची नावे



Birds Name in Marathi पक्ष्यांची नावे


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Here we have 51+ Birds Name in Marathi with beautiful Images for better understanding | पक्ष्यांची नावे

If you are a bird lover then this is the best article for you.

There are many birds which we can see in our daily life but what about their names? Here we have a list of 51+ Birds Name in Marathi with images so that people who love birds can easily learn all the names of birds and also know how to pronounce them. This will be very useful for kids as well as adults because if they want to study these birds or ask any question related to them, then they can easily do that by knowing their name first.

Birds Name in Marathi with Images | पक्ष्यांची नावे

2.image-type-cellCock कोंबडा
3.image-type-cellPeacock मोर
4.image-type-cellOwl घुबड
5.image-type-cellPigeon कबूतर
6.image-type-cellHen कोंबडी
7.image-type-cellCrow कावळा
8.image-type-cellSwan हंस
9.image-type-cellDuck बदक
10.image-type-cellCuckoo कोकिळ
11.image-type-cellCrane सारस पक्षी
12.image-type-cellDove पारवा
13.image-type-cellEagle गरुड
14.image-type-cellNightingale बुलबुल
15.image-type-cellFlamingo राजहंस
16.image-type-cellQuail बटेर पक्षी
17.image-type-cellPartridge तीतर पक्षी
18.image-type-cellOstrich शुतुरमुर्ग
19.image-type-cellMynah मैना
20.image-type-cellKite घार
21.image-type-cellKingfisher राम चिडीया
22.image-type-cellHoopoe हुदहुद
23.image-type-cellHawk बहिरी ससाणा
25.image-type-cellWoodpecker सुतार पक्षी
26.image-type-cellWagtail रानधोबी
27.image-type-cellVulture गिधाडे
28.image-type-cellSparrow चिमणी
29.image-type-cellSkylark चंडोल
30.image-type-cellPheasant तितर 
32.image-type-cellWeaverबया पक्षी
35.image-type-cellGreat Egretग्रेट एग्रेट
37.image-type-cellGrey Partridgeराखाडी तीतर
39.image-type-cellBlue jayनिळा जय
40.image-type-cellHeronबगुला पक्षी
42.image-type-cellFalconबाज पक्षी
43.image-type-cellIndian Bush Larkभारतीय बुश लार्क
44.image-type-cellPainted Storkरंगवलेला करकोचा पक्षी
45.image-type-cellIndian Robinनीलकंठ पक्षी
46.image-type-cellBlack Drongoकोतवाल 
47.image-type-cellAsian Koelआशियाई कोएल
48.image-type-cellChukar Partridgeचकोर
49.image-type-cellCrested Buntingक्रेस्टेड बंटिंग
51.image-type-cellEurasian Hobbyयुरेशियन हॉबी
52.image-type-cellBlack-Headed IBISब्लॅक हेडेड IBIS

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn the names of different birds in Marathi, this article is perfect. We have compiled a list of 51+ bird names with images and information about their habitats. This will help children as well as adults who are interested in expanding their knowledge on these important creatures that inhabit our planet Earth.

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